About Us

Who are we and why are we doing this? We are part of a family business, Little Square Farm. This includes myself and my wife and our Daughters and their families. We live on a lake in central Ohio. We only offer things we believe in and are passionate about. Oh, by the way, we make everything ourselves!

My wife and I both suffer from medical issues. We've found the corporate world to be unsympathetic to these problems. We decided that the best thing we could do is work for ourselves and we love handmade items. So here we are.

DC Dyes

Our youngest Daughter operates DC Dyes. A Tie-dye clothing company. She and her son create wonderful, handmade clothing and are adding many other Tie-dyed products.

Our oldest daughter and her oldest daughter and I are amateur photographers. We are working on a photo book of our adventures for 2021 call, One World Our World 2021. This is being produced by another of our companies, Barking Frog Media.

Buffalo Swamp Tradin Post

Where's the name come from? We live in the Buckeye Lake region of Eastern Ohio. Before the lake was filled it was a swamp. The Native American's who lived in the area then called it the Buffalo Swamp. We took that and added Tradin Post just like existed in the 1800s. So there you go, that's how we created the name.

Here at Buffalo Swamp, we offer handmade items. This included hand-poured soy candles, handmade leather goods, and wooden kitchen utensils.

We do lots of different things because we like to keep it interesting. Each craft feeds the others and makes them better. Our goal is to sustain ourselves and live the life WE choose!

We offer the highest quality goods and we stand behind it!